Friday, January 15, 2016

Virtualization Solutions Data Center

Virtualization technology is designed to create intermediate layer between the hardware and software server running on it.
Server virtualization is implemented in a way from a single physical machine can create multiple independent virtual machines. Each virtual machine has a system set up separate sources, its own operating system and applications separately. There are two forms of server virtualization.
Virtualization Management Layer: This is the original form of virtualization of servers. We are often called “hosted”. As the figure below shows, virtualization functionality is built on a common platform OS. Some common products: Microsoft’s Virtual PC, Workstation and VMWare’s.
Dedicated Virtualization: Virtualization mode often called “bare-metal”, which is run directly on the server hardware. So you will use server resources than is optimal form of “hosted” faster processing speed. The popular products: Vsphere (ESX), Xen, and Hyper-V…
Disadvantage of traditional solutions
To meet these requirements are constantly on the implementation and development of new services and applications, organizations need to continue to increase the number of servers. However, as more and more servers, the problem is even clearer:
Increased costs: more purchasing new servers will include the cost of purchasing servers and other costs: power, cooling, space in the server room, …
Low investment efficiency: with each one dedicated server for x86 applications (low load) operations will yield only about 5-15% of CPU.
Reduce management capabilities: management more difficult as more and more servers and applications in a complex environment with a variety of operating systems, hardware, different types of servers.
The effectiveness of the reduction: IT staff will focus more time for server deployment, configuration, monitoring and maintenance. So no longer focus on the activities and projects to help improve the level of information infrastructure.
Benefits of virtualization solutions cannon
Virtualization solution to solve the problem of cost and performance of the server operating costs by reducing hardware and operating more than 50%, the optimal use of resources through virtualization. It also helps deploy servers quickly, easily and automatically manage the resources in a more optimal server as:
– Simplify infrastructure management by centralized management.
– Automate the management of server resources to help IT staff no longer spend so much time on the management server that will focus on new applications and services to benefit the people users and organizations.
– Up to 50% of the cost of new equipment devices such as servers, power, cooling system … by increasing the operational efficiency of the current server.
High Availability & Disaster Prevention
IT is increasingly important contribution to operations of businesses and organizations. The IT system stops working for whatever reason: maintenance, backup, equipment failure, natural disaster will affect very large businesses and organizations. Virtualization solutions will help protect data effectively, can recover lost data quickly and easily; providing fault tolerance, ensuring applications and services continues to operate if something goes wrong; while allowing the system to restore effective IT disaster with lower costs such as:
Protect your data safe
Virtualization solutions ensure the backup, restore data, applications and services quickly, easily and flexibly to meet the requirements of time and data recovery needs such as:
– Data Recovery Fast and simple
– Simplify data protection in a comprehensive
– Enables centralized backup virtual machines without affecting users, applications